The EasyGoWagon folds down to 1/6th the size for easy transport in even the smallest vehicle. If you have ever tried storing a full size wagon in your home you will really appreciate how easily and small it folds down and barely takes any room in your garage.

easygowagons features
  • Full size wagon when opened up.
  • Additional storage compartment on back for your smaller items.
  • Shade cover protects your items (removable for when not needed).
  • Folding design makes transportation and storing easy.
  • Cover with webbing straps and carry handles.
  • Dual drink holders for your water or soda bottles to each side of pull handle.
  • Large wheels so it can go almost anywhere.
  • When folded you can still roll it around on wheels to move easily.
  • Pull handle has clip to lock in upward position when stopped.
  • Front wheels rotate for getting around corners.
  • Hard floor makes it comfortable for kids to sit inside.
  • Longer wheelbase than other wagons for increased stability
  • Powder-coated metal protects against rust.
  • Available in Red, Blue, Black & Pink.
  • Folded dimensions 32" by 24" by 11" - 30 lbs.
  • Main compartment dimensions 33" length by 17" width by 10" deep.
  • Rear compartment dimensions 18.5" width by 8" length by 7" deep.
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