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About Easygowagons

The Easy Go Wagon is great for toting around your kids but it really shines in the storage department. There is a main compartment, a rear compartment, additional areas for smaller items and even cup holders. The shade protects your stored items but can be removed when not needed. When you are done with your outing, the wagon collapses and is covered (with handles) to pull and put away easily.

Like most other wagons, this one has no breaks. It will stay put on level ground. That being said, do not leave any child in the wagon unattended, especially on an incline. Age recommendation: 1.5 to 10 years. Load limit: 120 lbs. I highly recommend this wagon to anyone, even without children. Imagine going to the farmers market or a swap meet and being able to tow your goods in this great looking, sturdy little wagon. At the price point of $139 plus free shipping to the lower 48 states, it is definitely worth it. To purchase your own, click on the products tab above.